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Chou Tzu-yu Wiki, Biography, Age, Photos, Height & Weight : It is said that you don’t need to understand the words or lyrics, you only need to understand and feel the music if you really want to enjoy the actual sense of music. God has gifted many people with an amazing voice yet their talent is still hidden because of the society in many countries. But today we are going to tell you about a young singer who belongs to South Korea.

Who is Chou Tzu-yu? Find Detailed Information

Known by the name “Tzuyu”, Chou Tzu-yu was born on 14th June 1999, she is Taiwanese singer and based in South Korea. She is also a member of K-pop girl group, which belongs to JYP Entertainment.

The singer was holding the flag of Republic of China in a televised appearance in the year 2015, which created a controversy in China. Later a video of the singer was released by JYP Entertainment, in which Chou Tzu-yu was apologizing for holding the flag. The video was released on 15th January 2016.

Chou Tzu-yu Wiki, Biography, Age

  • BIRTHDAY : June 14,1999
  • BIRTHPLACE : Taiwan
  • AGE : 19 years old
  • BIRTH SIGN : Gemini

Chou Tzu-yu Photos, Pics and Images

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Chou Tzu-yu career journey :

In 2012, she was spotted by a talent scout at the MUSE performing arts workshop which was going on in Tainan her birthplace, and on 15th November she moved to South Korea in order to start her training. In 2015, she appeared in a reality show named Sixteen in 2015, and that was the time when the new girl brand “Twice” selected her as one of the 9 members.

By the year 2016,  Chou Tzu-yu became the most popular face of South Korea. As she is still young, she is currently doing her education from Hanilm Multi Art School.

According to the reports and sources, currently there is no information about her upcoming shows, but we hope that we will listen to her amazing voice on the big screen soon!

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